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Alliance Medical Corp Services

A trusted partner in the healthcare industry across the state of Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

We understand that equipment uptime is critical to our customers’ ability to provide quality patient care.

Alliance Medical Corp prides itself on providing the best service possible at all times. Our customers know and trust that we will respond to service calls in a timely manner, will troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and will provide consistent high quality service.


Equipment Service and Maintenance

Alliance Medical Corp provides a full array of project and support services to meet your facility’s equipment needs today and in years to come.
Services include:

We also offer many additional service options that can be customized to your specific needs.


Project Services

Our Project Services team will work closely with design and construction, clinical, purchasing and maintenance teams from beginning to end on every purchase and project.

Our experienced teams work with design and construction teams on new, renovation and expansion projects to provide all drawings and submittals, specification sheets and pre-installation guidance, on-site preparation, seamless installation, and all necessary staff and user training.
Bottom line, our consultative team will help you meet requirements quickly and cost effectively.




Alliance Medical Corp.

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